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Incredible Inter-school Sports!

On Wednesday, 3 teams of girls and boys went to the netball tournament. We played 4 games in total. We won against Mount Macedon by 10 goals and that put us into second. Then we lost against Gisborne Rebels which put us into 3rd on the last game so we couldn’t play in the finals. My positions were Centre, Goal defence and goal attack.

Luckily the A team got into the final against Gisborne Rebels but lost.

All round it was a fun day!


My ‘lil’ Adventure

Yesterday I went on a short but beautiful trip to Tony Clark Reserve to orienteer. The group I was in was with Amy and Amelia. We worked really well together and got the best time on the first map. We came second on the second map with a time of 51 minutes.

The worst thing was that the corse was covered in prickles and thaws. Of course I got hurt!! I got a thaw in my knee and got scraped by a stick on the back of my right foot. It really stung.

A positive was that we worked hard and well together. A plus was that Amy knew the reserve with her eyes closed!!!!!