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Fully Sick Skateboads!!


Hey y’all! This week in Art I got closer to finishing my skateboard! As you can all probably tell I have changed from what my design oginally had made.

Now my base colour is blue with hot air balloons all over it. My newest air balloon is aqua that blends down to light blue, also on the other side it’s grey with a quote from my favourite song. It will also have a smaller rainbow air balloon at the top.

Comment below what your skate board is like!!!





The Shooters Tag

Before we started our skateboard design we firstly started our tags and inquiry. For inquiry we had to decide the difference between street art and graffiti. Graffiti is like on street signs and places where you wouldn’t want it but street art is creative and you also need a license for painting in leagel places.

My tag is shooter. This is because when we played basketball at lunch everyone was calling me shooter because I stayed back and shot the goals with my friends.

The white paper was spayed with purple, pink, orange and green. It kind of looked liked a lifesaver lollies…! My letters were dripping with black and word stood out like neon lights.