My Learning Goals

We do learning goals so we can become better in subjects were not so confident with. There are short term goals and long term goals. A short term goal may take a week but a long term goal takes at least a term.
My reading goal
My reading goal is to explore character traits, this will help me understand why characters are acting in a certain way. I could probably complete this goal with in a couple of weeks. My long term goal is to have stamina. I can only read without being distracted for about an 10 minutes that’s why I think it would be a good goal.

My Maths goal
My maths goal is to learn my 3 and 4 times tables, I could achieve this in around a month. My long term goal is to become quicker and accurate in my times tables. This may take me at least two terms!!!

My you can do it goal is to get along better with people who don’t really like me.


Oh my goodness, I hate it when we get the “tangram ” puzzles!!! I can never, not ever work it out!!!!!!! The other day we got what they call the octagon puzzle ( gag ) it looked hard, people said it was hard and it was MOST DEFENTILY hard but I worked it out. It took me a few days and a little help but in the end I did it myself! I found out that there were more than one way to work it out. I felt so proud when I completed this task, so maybe now I like tangram puzzles… I SAID MAYBE!!!!!!!!!

Book Review: Blueback by Tim Winton

Abel is a boy who loves the sea and lives at Longboat Bay with his mum. His dad was a diver but sadly he is no longer with his family, so now Abel and Dora Jackson have to work out how to live by themselves providing their own food.
As Abel and Dora get older there are some hard decisions they have to make, there are there are some good people that they spend a lifetime with, and bad people that they would never want to see again, and there are some rough times that the Jacksons have to go through together.
I personally think that this is a great book for older children such as 9, 10 ,12 as well as teens to young adults because there are some sections that younger children wouldn’t understand.
All together I rate blue back 8/10 because there was loads of twists, interesting moments, loving and sorrowful moments.
I found that some of

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