Skateboard Designs

On Wednesday our class had Art! We were doing our skateboard design, I didn’t have an idea about what I wanted to do….. so I just found a pretty colour and started painting! Then a few ideas popped into my head. I asked my Art teacher if she could make a light blue, I used that to paint the other side. I decided that I would decorate that with a mountain and grass at the bottom and then the other side would be the grass with flowers.


Book Week Fun :)

This week our school is celebrating book week!

My favourite door besides my one was 4A’s. They did bully on the bus. They got all the colours and placements to perfection as you’ll see below.


Their door...
Their door…




The real thing!
The real thing!

Siked about sci-fi

This week our class has started a topic/genre of writing called science fiction. It is fiction because it’s set in the future and we don’t know if it could happen or not. My story is based in the 2188 and 2016.

The world is ending, each country is in war with the other. Scientist in a secret lab have picked up radio transmissions from a planet called Japutter. But first Hazel and Buddy need to use the travel catcher to go back in time and collect anyone who wants to be saved, but they get stuck because the travel catcher won’t work again in the past. They have to use some pretty unusual things to get back…… I won’t spoil the end.

Please tune in to my posts, can’t wait to hear your comments!!!

Discovering the Discovery Centre

A few weeks ago all the grade 5’s took a bus ride all the way to Bendigo. I got the back of the bus with all my friends…can you imagine!!
When we got to the discovery centre we went into the auditorium to have snack. I finally got a glimpse of the giant slide……. ⬇️

The gravitational pull went through my whole body, I could feel my heart racing as I dropped, I was so scared that my lungs were in my throat. It was really cool feeling knowing science was taking over my body.

Welcome to Shiensh

This week is was our first week back in term 3. Our inquiry is…… Science!!!!! Mr. A showed us some videos from symphony of science. It’s really engaging because it’s in the form of a song. There are two main songs that have appealed to me and I have remembered… ode to the brain ( which I have got the link for you) and quantum world which is about everything made up of tiny little particles that we can’t see.

20160715-125851.jpg  Picture link ⬅️

Dan Kelly: My biography

Dan Kelly was an outrageous outlaw. With his brother Ned and a few friends these “Iron men” were almost unstoppable. After a two year chase the Kelly gang were finished.

Dan was only one of a humongous clan. Living in a claustrophobic home wouldn’t of been easy. Twelve murderous kids in a cramped house surely wouldn’t gone down well. Conflict between Brothers and sisters is hard to avoid let alone in a minuscule home. Dan Kelly lived on a farm at Avenel for most of his life.

Dan Kelly started his life in crime at the age of five, he got in trouble with the police because they thought he stole a horse. He was only five of age and the police were already on his back. The Kelly family had history with the police, but gaining up on a five-year-old kid, stealing to save his life?

The Fitzpatrick event took place on the 15th of April 1878. It was a momentous point for the Kelly gang, especially Dan. It was the intent of Constable Fitzpatrick to arrest Dan Kelly in his mothers hut! Constable Fitzpatrick was wounded by Ned Kelly while in the process of arresting Dan for horse steeling. Alexander Fitzpatrick seemed to be wanting to create a name for himself, tackling the Kelly boys is a big risk, that risk ended with Alexander’s death.

If you haven’t already noticed Ned and his gang are serious killers! It is a wonder why anyone would try and stop them! Most of their murders included police officers or constables such as sergeant Michael Kennedy and constables Thomas Lonigan and Michael Scanlan. They were gunned down at Stringybark Creek.

The Kelly gang staged their final event on the 27 of June 1880 at Glenrowan. The police surrounded the building that Ned was shooting in. They were only wearing armour made of plough. Joseph Byrne was shot down first. 1 down 3 to go. After a long night fighting the police decided to set the building on fire. When the fire went out the dead bodies of Steve hart and dan Kelly were found in the back room. That left Ned. He came out of nearby bush behind the police blockade. The police shot at his legs which were unprotected. In a hail of bullets ned came crashing down and was finally captured.

Dan Kelly lived a short busy life. He died at the age of 19 in the fire.

Incredible Inter-school Sports!

On Wednesday, 3 teams of girls and boys went to the netball tournament. We played 4 games in total. We won against Mount Macedon by 10 goals and that put us into second. Then we lost against Gisborne Rebels which put us into 3rd on the last game so we couldn’t play in the finals. My positions were Centre, Goal defence and goal attack.

Luckily the A team got into the final against Gisborne Rebels but lost.

All round it was a fun day!


The Bridge

So, on Thursday our class was watching a ( TED ed) problem. ‘Twas called the bridge problem, easy right? Well I was easily mistaken!
If you would like to figure out the problem click the link below.

I did not confirm the answer my self, but a few strategies I used were
– drawings
– real objects
I found it frustrating because I was just 1 or 2 minutes off!!! Hopefully you guys can figure it out GOOD LUCK 😉

5B winner!!!

At the start of this investigation we were introduced with the question “what is the optimal plane design?” I had absolutely NO clue.
Honestly I thought it would have been the basic dart everyone can do. But then I watched the world record plane winner (Bryan Collins) and saw many other ideas.

I made a hypothesis that wide planes with heavy noses would fly for longer, at least 30 meters. This is because it is stronger at the top so it makes strong wings and they won’t flail.

This gave me the courage to make my own plane. At first I definitely did NOT succeed, but that doesn’t stop me! At last I built my very own 5B winner! I flew it across the classroom, it glided, dipped and dived, but stayed up! It has wide wings so it glides.

We scaled our planes into our maths book, alas I only had time for one. Here is the image below:


In two weeks the comp against all three grades will come. And the five be winner will reach the finish line…

Love to learn with the world

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