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Sailing Solar Boats!

On the 29th of March 2017 the year sixes of my school competed in solar boats. Down below I have a video of a book that I have made on the solar boat unit.

Thanks for watching I hope you now have an idea on what we’ve been doing at school. If you want to know more about the other groups who competed you can go to my LC’s blog. ( James and Darcy ) They were both teams we competed against.

The Boy Who Went To Mars

It was eight o’clock and Rupert was lying in bed. The covers softly touched his plump cheeks. A light as bright as the sun lit the used old pages. “One small step for man, one huge leap for mankind.” He saw them on the moon, craters under their feet. Something gleamed in Rupert’s eyes, something about space amazed him and how different it was to Earth. But what he wondered most was if anyone else was out there.

The words on paper slammed against the old wooden floor. Rupert pulled the sheets right up to his neck. Ceilings and walls were all he could see. Glow in the dark stars gave a dim lighting to his room. He could only just see silhouettes of leafy, friendly monsters blowing in the breeze.

Just as Rupert was about to get some shut eye, the darkness in his eyes turned red. Blue eyes saw dust, everywhere. It was like a fire that couldn’t hurt you.

The bumps in the rough wooden floor stumbled him but it didn’t stop him from getting to the open opportunity that awaited him. Rupert led his hand out to touch this red planet and surprisingly his open hands skimmed what he knew as Mars.

His other hand grabbed onto warm dust, his soft feet jumped over the houses and buildings that he knew best, and left civilisation.

The lukewarm grains of sand squished between his velvet soft toes. Rupert took a glance around, nothingness was all that surrounded him. There was no way of telling the time in Mars, Rupert didn’t know when to go home so he decided to stay awhile, who knows what he could find out here!!

“Ahh, hot!!” exclaimed Rupert. He stepped on a clear solid… CRACK! He fell down, down, down, until finally, kerplunk!! Rupert cautiously got up to his feet and someone else stood up with him!!!

“WHAT ARE YOU?” shouted Rupert in a unmannerly way, “I am Nifue, a member of the small community of Jupoxfred.” “Why is the community so small?”

“People just seem to drop dead round here.”

“Well I am so sorry to hear that. How long is the average lifespan of a Jupoxfred?”

“Around seven years…”

“And how old are you?”

Nifue made an awfully long pause before answering… “six…”

“Well I’ve been here for a little while now, I guess this is my time to leave. I promise to remember you Nifue!! I will make sure to come back….”

Ruperts voice drifted away in the stars. But Nifue quietly replied “Me too.”

Fully Sick Skateboads!!


Hey y’all! This week in Art I got closer to finishing my skateboard! As you can all probably tell I have changed from what my design oginally had made.

Now my base colour is blue with hot air balloons all over it. My newest air balloon is aqua that blends down to light blue, also on the other side it’s grey with a quote from my favourite song. It will also have a smaller rainbow air balloon at the top.

Comment below what your skate board is like!!!





The fun, Fun run!!

I had tons of fun that day, and it’s going to a great cause that will benefit me and also everyone else. Also don’t forget to bring your money in for some great prizes!! I’m going to get the asics drink bottle.


Simply Science

Quite a while ago ( I didn’t get to post this till October..) I sat at a table and introduced myself to many, MANY people! I was talking about social psychology! ” social psychology is all about what goes through your brain when you are put through a civil situation…” I’m pretty sure I said that about 50 times.

Anyway I would tell them about the part of the brain that controls your behaviour in that kind of situation, it’s called the frontal lobe. It’s at the front of your head… pretty self explanatory! Then I would tell my customer about peer pressure, when all of your peers have done the same thing that you feel strained to join.

Soon after that I would tell them about the ASCH experiment. ( it doesn’t stand for anything.) Solomon ASCH conducted a experiment on around 7-8 people. But all except one are actors. They are put through some eye tests where you match up lines. But the kink in it was that everyone else chose the wrong answer. This is an example of peer pressure.

Sorry for posting this so late… comment about what you would do if you were put in a situation like that!


Getting Lost in a mountain

Yesterday the 3-6’s went to a big park and did orienteering. We were TERRIBLE!!! My friend Ella did the map reading and Chelsea and I stamped, it was good but we walked so we were a bit slower than everyone else…

We wanted to get out a bit further, so we got lost up a giant hill…. when we came back we realised that we had gone in a giant circle! One thing I learnt about myself is that I should never ever map read for my group, 🙈. I didn’t even know where the mountain was!

We had so much fun getting lost!

The Shooters Tag

Before we started our skateboard design we firstly started our tags and inquiry. For inquiry we had to decide the difference between street art and graffiti. Graffiti is like on street signs and places where you wouldn’t want it but street art is creative and you also need a license for painting in leagel places.

My tag is shooter. This is because when we played basketball at lunch everyone was calling me shooter because I stayed back and shot the goals with my friends.

The white paper was spayed with purple, pink, orange and green. It kind of looked liked a lifesaver lollies…! My letters were dripping with black and word stood out like neon lights.