Sailing Solar Boats!

On the 29th of March 2017 the year sixes of my school competed in solar boats. Down below I have a video of a book that I have made on the solar boat unit.

Thanks for watching I hope you now have an idea on what we’ve been doing at school. If you want to know more about the other groups who competed you can go to my LC’s blog. ( James and Darcy ) They were both teams we competed against.

7 thoughts on “Sailing Solar Boats!”

  1. Ruby,
    Congratulations on a clear and concise presentation. What advice would you give to next year’s teams so they don’t have to sand for days on end?

    1. Dear Mr bell,
      Some advice I would give to the year fives would be to measure where you’re sanding but if the piece is to big, cut it off then sand it.
      Kind regards Ruby

  2. Hai Ruby,
    I really liked the book that you wrote and the team name. How many try’s did it take to make the real hull.

  3. Hi Ruby,
    I love your post it is interesting. How did you get the inspiration of the bottom of your boat. Keep up the great work on your post and in the classroom.
    From Lauren( A member of smoke on the water)

    1. Hey Lauren,
      We got this inspiration from Kane’s test hull because he had lots of different angles.
      Thanks for commenting

  4. Hi Ruby!
    Great post mate! You may want to check how your titles come out because in your alternative energy slide alternative is cut off with the e below. Overall it’s great!

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