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Quite a while ago ( I didn’t get to post this till October..) I sat at a table and introduced myself to many, MANY people! I was talking about social psychology! ” social psychology is all about what goes through your brain when you are put through a civil situation…” I’m pretty sure I said that about 50 times.

Anyway I would tell them about the part of the brain that controls your behaviour in that kind of situation, it’s called the frontal lobe. It’s at the front of your head… pretty self explanatory! Then I would tell my customer about peer pressure, when all of your peers have done the same thing that you feel strained to join.

Soon after that I would tell them about the ASCH experiment. ( it doesn’t stand for anything.) Solomon ASCH conducted a experiment on around 7-8 people. But all except one are actors. They are put through some eye tests where you match up lines. But the kink in it was that everyone else chose the wrong answer. This is an example of peer pressure.

Sorry for posting this so late… comment about what you would do if you were put in a situation like that!


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