3 Way Conference With Mum

Mum came to my three way conference last night, and it is when I tell mum what I’ve learnt, not Mrs Elder.

Something I could do was being able to have a clear voice and good pace. I will keep this skill until next year.  One thing I would do next time is make sure I don’t um so much.

I was so nervous I forgot my introduction, luckily I remembered by the time it came!!!! I was so proud of myself being this the first time, and I will improve myself next year. Mum thought I did very well and that I need to have better thoughts on maths.



2 thoughts on “3 Way Conference With Mum”

  1. Hi ruby in your three way conference you sead last night in stead of last night.You shood say what day it was on.

    From Mitchell.

  2. Hi Ruby,
    I was so proud of your student led presentation! It was fantastic to hear so clearly what Ruby’s been doing at school. I loved hearing about kitchen garden and am going to make sure she keeps her promise of taking over the kitchen and cooking some tasty treats. I’m SO happy that she’s made the goal to have a better attitude to maths! I’m sure you’ll achieve this goal by the end of term. Dad and I are so proud of you, Love mum!

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