What Anzac Day Means To Me



imageAnzac Day is known worldwide but what does it really mean to me? Young men went to war thinking ” adventure ” but what they had in mind was completely different to reality! They left a perfect life and a happy home just for us.

We remember them with the rising sun, a poppy, a footy game between Essendon and Collingwood even services and marches. All those things we have the chance to go to, they make the time to really think about what they have done for their country’s rights.
We wake up at the break of day to refresh our mind about their courage, persistence and compassion for each other.

Blood stains that battle field of Gallipoli, their crosses will never fade and those faces… We will always remember and never forget. If Australian men can give up their lives then we can at least remember. We are honoured to be living in Australia. 100 years later, LEST WE FORGET.

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